Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Baby Thomas: Weeks 7, 8 & 9

7 Weeks: Baby is the size of a BLUEBERRY!

8 Weeks: Baby is the size of a RASPBERRY!

9 Weeks: Baby is the size of a GRAPE!

Weight Gained

7 Weeks: 3 pounds. I can feel the weight. I feel bloated most days and by the end of the day it's probably closer to 4 pounds up from last week, but it fluctuates between 2 and 4 pounds right now. I feel like that is a lot, especially since everything I've been reading says that during your 1st Trimester you shouldn't gain much weight since you don't "need" to eat extra calories at this point.

8 Weeks: 3 pounds. I think I've gained a total of 7 or 8 pounds already...yikes! I haven't had ANY energy to workout since finding out we were pregnant, so I can see how easily it is to gain instead of maintain. 

9 Weeks: Finally starting to feel better, walked for the first time. Hoping to get more exercise this week and shed a few of these pounds :-/  Weighed myself and the scale said 147...up 7 pounds from my initial weigh in at 4 Weeks.


7 Weeks: Light spotting & cramps, still. I've had this happening since we found out we we're expecting. Light nauseousness every once in awhile, but overall doing really good! I've been reading on my pregnancy group chats that a lot of women are having morning sickness at this point in their pregnancy. I am very grateful that so far I've barely suffered any stomach issues.  

8 Weeks: Light spotting & cramps have finally stopped. I was beginning to worry. The nauseousness comes and goes, especially when I have an empty stomach. I feel hungry all the time and feel the weight is starting to pile on. I pinched a nerve in my lower back at the end of week 7 and it has been sore and painful since then. The hubs does a great massage to help it feel better every other night.

9 Weeks: Back is feeling much better. Still feel hungry all the day long, but am able to go longer now without having to eat every other minute. Energy is getting better, thank goodness!

Food Aversions

7 Weeks: Coffee (decaf or reg) still seems to make me nauseous after drinking 1/4 cup. I also ate some Butterfinger bites last night and felt super nauseous afterwards. Sweets just don't settle too well at this point it seems.

8 Weeks: Coffee still. Too much Halloween candy makes me sick (which is probably a good Two Reese's peanut butter ghosts will make me nauseous. 

9 Weeks: None so far.

Food Cravings

7 Weeks: Taco Bell's Crunchwrap, Iced Tea (unsweet with Splenda), pretty much anything salty. I've also been sneaking Halloween treats ;) Reese's peanut butter cups are AMAZING to me right  now!

8 Weeks: Grapes, cantaloupe, Reese's peanut butter ghosts (only 1 at a time), salad from Olive Garden and pasta, still loving Iced Tea.

9 Weeks: Same as Week 8 except Chick-fil-a has become the love of my life...and to think I hated fast-food 3 years ago!


7 Weeks: Sleeping alright. I wake up several times a night. Usually every morning @ 4am I need to go use the bathroom but I don't want to get up or I'll be wide awake. I try to hold it as long as possible or until I finally get out of bed at 6:30-7(ish)am. 

8 Weeks: Sleep was horrible. I was sick half the week with being dizzy and a head cold coming on, so I toss and turn a lot. Still waking up @ 4am to use the bathroom then cannot fall back asleep unless I turn the TV and wake up the hubs (sorry about that...honey),

9 Weeks: Still waking up @ 4am, but having more energy, surprisingly.

Looking Forward To...

Our first doctor's appointment is coming up this week, but it probably won't fit into the blog till the next update since it's later in the week and technically into the next week's events. We are excited to see exactly how far along we are and get our 1st pictures of Baby Thomas.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I'm very excited to document my first pregnancy on my blog. This will give me a great way to look back at all the memories made along the way and share with our little Baby Thomas one day!

Baby Thomas: Weeks 4, 5 & 6

4 Weeks: Baby is the size of a poppy-seed!

After some time of trying to conceive, I woke up one morning and decided to take a pregnancy test, much like many morning,s but soon this morning would be much more exciting. I immediately saw 2 pink lines on my stick and just knew this was it.

Bob had left for work early this one particular morning so I had no one to share my GREAT news with. My next go-to person (that I knew would be just as excited, if not more) was my mom, so I facetimed her and my dad. I almost started crying when I showed her the test, but I was smiling so much my big ol cheeks held back the tears.

I began looking for ideas on how I was going to tell/surprise Bob. I was both nervous and excited about his reaction. I wanted to find a way to be cute yet not cheesy, so I created this idea...

5 Weeks: Baby is the size of a sesame seed!

6 Weeks: Baby is the size of a grain of rice!

Weight Gained

4 Weeks: 0 pounds. Weight starting at 140.

5 Weeks: Didn't weigh myself, but can feel around 1 pound up from last week.

6 Weeks: Didn't weigh myself, but can feel around 1 pound up from last week.


4 Weeks: So far so good!

5 Weeks: Just hangry! Must have food at all times. I feel like I'm starving ALL the time. :D

6 Weeks: Nausea has started a little towards the end of this week. I have to keep snacks around to help elevate the stomach issues, but for the most part I eat small snacks every 2-3 hours (fruit, pickles, veggies & dip, hummus & pretzels, etc...).

Food Aversions

4 Weeks: None so far.

5 Weeks: Coffee sometimes seems to bother my stomach, so I've switched to decaf to see if that is better.

6 Weeks: The idea of some foods at any particular point in the day can make me nauseous or queasy feeling. For example, it's Thursday and the thought of Spaghetti (even though I just ate it last night) makes me grossed out as well as coffee still. Sweets do not sound all that appealing, except fruit.

Food Cravings

4 Weeks: None so far.

5 Weeks: Anything Salty or fruit (cantaloupe, grapes, pizza).

6 Weeks: Still Salty foods...this week I've been infatuated with homemade "crunchwraps" like Taco Bell makes, pickles, hot sauce on everything, and sparkling waters/diet sprite.


4 Weeks: So far so good!

5 Weeks: A bit more tired than usual, but would wake up several times a night to toss and turn. Bathroom break in the middle of the night started towards the end of this week, when I normally never wake up for that.

6 Weeks: Much more tired than usual. I have gone to bed around 8pm-8:30ish all week, but I wake up in the middle of the night, so some mornings I do not feel like I got a goods night rest at all.

Looking Forward To...

I am most looking forward to our 1st doctors appointment towards the end of the month. I am looking forward to our 1st ultrasound pictures of our little peanut! I have also started my list of baby items we will need and should be receiving my FREE breast pump (through insurance) that I ordered from Areoflow Healthcare. They made it super easy, all I did was fill out my form and enter my OB/GYN's info and they did all the rest. Once you're approved, about a week later, you get a list of pumps to choose from that the insurance will cover. I chose the Medela Pump In Style Advance Starter Set. I'm going to look on Amazon or EBAY for the backpack that it fits in as I like that carrying option the best.

Finding it super hard to keep it a secret at this point, we just want to shout it to the world!

Friday, October 30, 2015


*I copied this idea from another blogger who is one of my absolute favorites. This was originally her idea, and I am following in her tracks!  Thanks for the great ideas PBF!

Yeah!!!! I am so thrilled to share this special news with all of you FINALLY! Robert and I are expecting our little one at end of May beginning of June 2016 (due date is tentatively May 30th) and we couldn't be more thrilled!!!

I can't wait to document our first pregnancy and the beginning of our little family!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I ended up only running twice last week. My plans for running were not successful at all. I did nothing all weekend and feel super guilty! I knew my lack of motivation was due to my lack of love for running at this point. It's still so new and trying to jump in head first was not a good plan. I've gone back to the drawing board and think I've come up with something that will work better.

New plan:

Run 5K Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's and do Pilates on alternating days, Tuesday's, Thursday's, and Saturday's. Rest on Sunday.

I'm thinking this plan will work much better especially being out of town for work so much, and no real set schedule setup till now.

If I don't have a plan of action I'll never stick to running! I'm sure we all can relate to this in some way!


Started off with Pilates as I forgot to pack my gym shoes :-( My plan is not starting out well, but I did try to get my heart rate up and do my best without shoes in my hotel room.

Updated pics posted below. Check them out!

Also, I signed up for Houston's The Color Run. It's another 5K that involves a white t-shirt and lots of colored powder. As you run by the sidelines, they decorate you by tossing various colored powder in the air and you run through it! It's going to be super fun, I can't wait! If anyone wants to join, here is the website: